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  1. Hi Lucydog, I have been a nurse for 3 years.. Out of those options, it sounds like I'd go for adult nursing.
  2. Hello, I currently have a BSN. I am currently looking into applying to grad school for next year. Other NP's have encouraged that I apply for a DNP program, which I am open to. But I am also open to relocating to another country. I currently live ...
  3. Emory Summer 2018 RN Residency FB group

    Hello everyone, I noticed there was no Facebook group for our residency program, so I created one! Here is the link: Log into Facebook | Facebook All nurse residents at Emory are welcome to join. I hope to see you all there!
  4. Summer 2018 Nurse Residency at Emory Healthcare

    Hello everyone, I just created a group page on FB for the summer 2018 nurse residency program at Emory, so that we can connect with one another. Everyone is welcome to join!! :) Log into Facebook | Facebook