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  1. dreemariah

    Seattle Childrens Residency Fall 2021

    The application for the periop program just went up, it's my dream unit and my anxiety is skyrocketing 😂
  2. dreemariah

    UW Haborview New grad Residency Winter 2020

    Hey! Did you ever hear back? I just applied for the next periop cohort and mine said forwarded to department, and its said that for a couple weeks now... If you interviewed, can ya give me some insight on what they asked and how the interview went?
  3. dreemariah

    Seattle Childrens Residency Fall 2021

    I'm in School in Colorado but I'm from California too. I just went to Seattle a couple weeks ago to check it out, I love it so much!
  4. dreemariah

    Children's National Nurse Residency Fall 2021

    I also just applied. I attached a cover letter, resume, and references but not reference letters. I only applied to PICU so far, I was thinking about applying to NICU and Trauma also. My end goal is OR and PICU is the best road to that. Are you guys applying anywhere else?
  5. Hi! Applications for the Seattle Children's nurse residency open up on May 3 and the OR residency application opens sometime in April. I have been working towards the OR residency, but I am applying to both because I am dead set on moving to Seattle and Seattle Children's is my #1 choice. I have loved watching people on here talk throughout the application process, get hired, and start making their moves! I would love to connect with people who are applying to either the OR or the regular residency at Seattle Childrens and other Seattle area programs! I just applied to Harborview the other day for their residency and periop 101 programs too!
  6. dreemariah

    New Grad Operating Room

    Hellooo! I am graduating in May and have been stalking the northwest periop consortium..theres not a lot of info online but I have reached out to recruiters and managers at the participating hospitals and I am dead set on getting into the program at Seattle Children's. Anyone else trying to go directly into the OR after graduating? Particularly in the pacific northwest? I'd love to connect throughout the application and interview process and maybe make some new friends before moving out there 🙂