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  1. LIU brooklyn fall 2018

    Hey Everybody. Hope your first day went well. I start a long day tomorrow so hope to report good things. Sending positive vibes for everyone to have a good semester. Also, idk if we're allowed to share our classes & times on here. We might ha...
  2. LIU brooklyn fall 2018

    Hey, I encourage everyone to check their schedule for changes. Several ppl classes/times are different from the original schedule they signed up for í ½í¸ž
  3. LIU brooklyn fall 2018

    I don't understand why we need the castlebranch stuff now if we're not taking clinicals this semester and if we do the cbranch stuff now, will we have to do it (pay for it) again when we actually start clinicals? Similarly with the uniform, why do w...
  4. LIU brooklyn fall 2018

    Okay, has anyone completed the castlebranch stuff?
  5. LIU brooklyn fall 2018

    Ikr! @nurseangela923 login here and read the orientation info. Event Registration I'm not too sure if I'm gonna go. Hopefully, we can connect and help one another....seems like we're gonna need a support group :-)
  6. LIU brooklyn fall 2018

    Trying to remain positive but the disorganization isn't giving me a good vibe. Hopefully, this is not an indication of how this journey will go. >>>>
  7. LIU brooklyn fall 2018

    And $275 added to your bill. :-\
  8. LIU brooklyn fall 2018

    I just saw an email in spam and it says the orientation is on Sept. 4.
  9. LIU brooklyn fall 2018

    Likewise Lise66!
  10. LIU brooklyn fall 2018

    Hi Lise66, I'm actually part time but registered for full time classes. I have the same classes (some days/some evening) but recently added Informatics. I'm gonna need A LOT of prayer :-)
  11. NYIT 2018

    Called and got the run around. Spoke to someone once and they said I would hear back from them within a week...That was over a month ago. Did you apply anywhere else?
  12. LIU brooklyn fall 2018

    I didn't do any of the Castlebranch stuff yet. Just saw the cost $$$ :-\
  13. LIU brooklyn fall 2018

    I'm transferring from NCC (took prereqs there) but I have a BA from another school
  14. LIU brooklyn fall 2018

    Yes, August 29th is orientation. I was told for the first semester that you still need to (at least) buy the uniform from a particular supplier and that the other things can wait until later.
  15. NYIT 2018

    I know! I applied in December.
  16. NYIT 2018

    I also applied and haven't heard anything.
  17. LIU brooklyn fall 2018

    Hi nurseangela923, currently I'm part time because I work. Right now, I'm registered for Contemp. Topics, Patho (which sucks because my previous patho wasn't accepted), and Pharmacology. The advisor I met with said that there wouldn't be clinicals ...
  18. LIU brooklyn fall 2018

    Hello Everyone, I recently registered for nursing classes, coming in as transfer student. I'm excited and a bit scared at the same time. Glad to connect with fellow future nurses!!!