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  1. Nurse2be0942

    Will this be an issue?

    I received my official ATT today. I made sure my test authorization name matches up exactly to what is printed on my ID down to the middle initial...however, upon reading it states there is a signature required. I have a signature on my drivers license however I have two last names and I only included one of them in my signature...although the actual ID has both names. Will I still be able to test with this ID?
  2. Nurse2be0942

    Hired as graduate nurse?

    Until today..I honestly had no idea that was something that I was able to do. I anticipated waiting until I passed my NCLEX. I spoke with HR so she wasn’t to specific as to job duties of a nurse graduate, I have orientation next week to meet the nursing manager and will of course be inquiring about it then but just wanted to get a general idea. Thank you for taking the time to reply.
  3. Nurse2be0942

    Hired as graduate nurse?

    Hello all! I am freshly graduated from nursing school (graduated on Monday). I have signed up to take the nclex and am now waiting on my school to send transcripts so I can get my official ATT. I already have a job in place at a local area hospital in a medical surgical unit. I spoke with HR today and they stated I was able to work as a “graduate nurse” until I have my official NCLEX results which my status will then change to RN. My question is what types of things will I be able to do without taking my NCLEX? Will I be able to perform nursing duties under the direct supervision of an RN or pretty much just be a glorified CNA (not that I’m complaining...I’m excited to get to work!) Has anyone had this experience as a brand new graduate? Thank you in advance for your replies!
  4. Nurse2be0942


    I am in an accelerated ASN program and have two semesters left. I commute about 45 mins one way. A couple weeks ago I was involved in a traumatic accident. I live in the Midwest and it was the first snow fall of the year. My back end lost traction and I slid into a side rail and over...rolling my car 3 times. I suffered a broken rib and finger and lacerations from the glass (no major injuries). I had to wait 30 mins inside of a smoking car while the fire department worked effortlessly to get me out before I could receive medical attention. I didn't take any time off of school not wanting to get behind. However, I am TERRIFIED now of driving on the highway. There's no other way around it to get to school. I feel incredible anxiety when driving...almost to the point where it's debilitating. It literally makes me want to quit as I feel a sense of impending doom everytime I know I have to drive to school. If I was on the outside looking in I would say I was being overly dramatic but things get very real when your car is traveling 60mph towards a guardrail and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. Winter is here and that just adds insult to injury! I HAVE to get over this. It's starting to affect my school performance as well as I have just failed my first test of my entire nursing school journey. Sometimes I cant even concentrate on studying, I just would like to curl up in a ball and never leave my bedroom. I feel stuck and helpless. Has any one ever experienced this? Any tips on moving forward? I'm sooooo close...i would never forgive myself if I let this deter me from what I have been working so hard for almost 2 years.
  5. Nurse2be0942

    Feeling incompetent

    I am in an accelerated ADN program and am currently taking pharmacology and fundamentals. For pharm class we had med checkoffs last week. We got a list of medications we'd be giving..and of course I looked up what each med was for and adverse effects. In the process of doing check offs..my nursing instructor pointed out (after I did my 2nd check-yes, I unbelievably did not catch this the first check and who knows if I would have caught it by the 3rd one!) that I put metaproterenol into my med cup instead of metoprolol!!! I was so focused on remembering the medications effects and patient teachings for each that I guess I didn't even bother to check spelling. I felt completely ashamed and humiliated!! I got upset and had to excuse myself to take a breather. My instructor was really comforting and told me now is the time to make these mistakes while in sim lab...not on the floor when you're an actual working nurse However, My confidence is completely shaken. I don't feel as if I'd make a good nurse and most importantly would never want to harm a patient due to my dumb and careless mistake. Any tips or advice moving forward??