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  1. Catchfriday010

    Covid 19 register

    The Nursing & Midwifery Council have asked me recently to come out of retirement and return to nursing. I accepted and my qualifications are now live again. I have no idea thought how I am going to get back to work. I am living in Alicante, Spain, with my Filipino wife who just received her Spanish Residency, to return to the UK, my wife needs a Visa, and I the UK Government has no flexibility. Invariably red tape comes into this - my wife requires a spousal visa, and they have informed me that there is no way that she can make the application without biometric screening. They have no flexibility at all. I can only assume that they do not require nurses, and it's a PR stunt. I am 67 this year.
  2. Catchfriday010

    Did your dating life improve when becoming a male nurse?

    When I became a male nurse student in 1979 I was in a nursing home with 52 female nurses, and settled for a Chinese Nurse and that took 6 years out of my life, till that nurse had a baby with a doctor. The next nurse I met I was with 11 years until she died of breast cancer, and now my present partner is a nurse. I have never used dating apps like Tinder and wouldn't. I understand that men use them for having sex when they want - likelihood of STDs. I met my present partner online on a particular site - I was drawn to her by her faith.
  3. Catchfriday010

    2017 NMC UK Decision Letter

    We do need nurses in the UK. It's also a good idea that you look at the Royal College of Nursing website a good source of information and if you want to join it's only ten pounds as a student. You can also read the Nursing Standard
  4. Catchfriday010

    2017 NMC UK Decision Letter

    Hi Nurses, I am helping a nurse fill in the form for the NMC - what email should she put down on the form for the PRC? Please note when you are submitting documents - the upload will not take heavy documents - so a pdf was rejected at 31 m b - but was reduced in size to 3.1 m b and went through. When you are waiting for your decision from the NMC - and they give a number of days - these are working days ie Monday to Friday and sometimes there is a bank holiday a non working day - you can look up on google UK Bank holidays.
  5. Catchfriday010

    I Desperately Want Out

    Take a year off and travel the world. You'll find as a nurse there are plenty of voluntary organisations that will grab you. When I became a nurse i did it because I wanted to work in Israel and I did that for a while. I'm now retired.