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  1. Hi there, I am currently in the pre-rec stage of the nursing program at my school. I was originally a Bio major, but I decided I wanted to pursue nursing instead, especially since I had the intentions of getting into the medical field from my Biology major. I just switched in the spring, but have gone through hell in the personal life since then. Last semester I started my nursing pre-recs and dove head first into A&P I. Everything went well in the beginning, as it always does, but then one of my close family members was diagnosed with cancer and died only a couple of months later. I ended up withdrawing from my lab, and got so behind in lecture that I ended up failing. I shook it off and decided I would try again in the summer sections of the course... Bad idea. Again, I started off doing very well at first in both lab and lecture (A&P I round 2). Then even more mishaps began happening in my personal life, I missed more school and fell behind again. Instead of withdrawing I forced myself to push through because I wanted to get through it and pass SO bad. I ended up failing lab, and then lecture for the second time. I am now left feeling depleted and lost. I want nothing more than to get through nursing school and follow this dream I have of working in a hospital one day. I am currently at my local community college, but I have big dreams to go to a big nursing school in Georgia or Florida. I feel like at this point, what colleges will I even get accepted into with these awful grades? I am just trying to figure out if I even have a chance still. Has anyone else faced problems like this? I am really looking for some advice because I am going to have to take the classes again, and then eventually A&P II. For now, I have decided to put A&P on the back burner, so I enrolled in Microbiology for the Fall semester along with Medical Terminology and Human Growth and Development. If anyone has any advice for me, or any similar stories, PLEASE share. Anything that can help would be great. --K.

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