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  1. Fired From First NP Job: Struggling Emotionally

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am in my first year of the NP Program and your story was a real eye-opener. Due to the market being saturated with NPs as it is here, jobs are hard to come by and there may be some out there like the one you dealt ...
  2. Honey, someone left a note asking if we’re still together.
  3. I told you we need to start putting mints on the pillows.
  4. I have started nurse practitioner school and while I would have been content not to tell anyone what my plans were, someone asked me about something and there was no way around it but to tell them that I am in NP school. I usually try to keep my busi...
  5. How to deal with workplace Drama/Gossip?

    I think that nurse was right on the money. When I was a new nurse just out of school, I was pretty immature back then. There was a nurse who worked in my dept who was a minister’s wife and had the deportment of such. I think seeing as I was young and...
  6. What can I do about bullying?

    Unfortunately bullying has been present in the landscape of nursing for a long time and unfortunately will never be eradicated. The reason has to do with the perpetrators and not with their victims. Some people are just plain unhappy and miserable wi...
  7. Nurse's Gossiping!

    Gossiping is sadly something that exists in any job or profession. In the end, it has more to do with the people that are engaging in it than with the people it is directed at. The best thing to do is to ignore it and try your best not to engage in i...
  8. Ambulatory Care Clinic RN

    I have just applied for an Ambulatory RN job at an Outpatient Internal Medicine Clinic. If hired, I will be their Infectious Disease RN. I will be performing phone triaging (never done that before), telehealth, maybe some central line discontinuation...
  9. Transition to Nurse Supervisor

    And I have thought about that. One of the nurses who has been there for a long time said that she has seen a lot of supervisors come and go and she was worried about me burning out. Of course I haven't been offered the job yet (and I don't know if I ...
  10. Transition to Nurse Supervisor

    I guess I have helped to make some changes around the department and I feel like I may have the leadership skills necessary to turn things around. I have of course become more practical and realistic as I have grown up in this profession, but I suppo...
  11. Transition to Nurse Supervisor

    Truthfully, I may be a bit embarrassed. But then I would just go on doing what I'm doing and maybe keep my eye out for other opportunities. If I don't get the position, I would just take it as a sign that maybe it wasn't going to be the best situatio...
  12. Transition to Nurse Supervisor

    I am a regular nurse in the department currently (it's a GI Lab). The hierarchy would be The Director, The Manager, and then the Supervisor (which would be me if I get the job). Any advice would be welcome!
  13. How to deal with Nosy Co-Workers?

    My department tends to be very gossipy also. I stay out of all of it. I don't tell anyone anything personal. If you don't want it known, keep it to yourself.
  14. Another true life story of an entertainment doctor showing her ignorance. Stay tuned for another exciting episode. Dr. Pimple Popper does not seem to know that most of the patient education actually comes from nurses. Some of them know more than doc...
  15. Transition to Nurse Supervisor

    I have done a good job in my department and have a good solid reputation at work (RN for 17 years, 3 of those years in my current department- a GI Lab). I applied to be the department Supervisor and while there were many people who were supportive of...