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  1. I have done a good job in my department and have a good solid reputation at work (RN for 17 years, 3 of those years in my current department- a GI Lab). I applied to be the department Supervisor and while there were many people who were supportive of my bid, there were a lot of people that weren't. Unfortunately, our department is very cliquey and gossipy (I stay out of the clique) thanks to some of the millenials that have taken over our department (this is not meant to be an attack on millenials, but rather just a statement of the particular age group involved). The millennials (many of whom have been nurses for under 5 years and have been in our department for two years or less) believe that they should be able to dictate what goes on in our department (even when I am the charge nurse, they come and argue to question my decisions). They also seem to have the Manager (who is in her 30s) wrapped around their finger, even though some of them exhibit some questionable behavior (I.e. laziness, manipulativeness, bullying, etc). I was initially enthusiastic about the job and I have the department and the staff's best interests at heart. I intend to be a Supervisor who will help the staff as much as possible to make sure that they are taken care of because a happy staff that trusts their leadership is also a productive staff. But the bullying, the comments being made, and the staff members that are clearly determined to be unhappy about this is making me feel leery about taking on the position. I have always considered myself strong and I don't usually care about other's opinions, but I am concerned that people might try to set me up to fail. It seems like it could just end up being more aggravation than it's worth. Any thoughts, advice, or opinions would be welcome.
  2. athey1999

    VIP Patient Demanding His Drugs

    In our department, we have a very wealthy patient who is a frequent flier. He comes in every two weeks for either an EGD or a Flex Sig. But he wants and demands IM Demerol in prep and then again in recovery. He absolutely denies pain and he just tells the nurses, "They just give me the drugs". The two doctors involved in his care are aware that he does not have any pain issues, but they automatically write for the drug every time he shows up. The problem (besides all of it) is that he is a major donor to the hospital and if anyone refuses the drug to him, the thought is that he will just call administration. He is receiving these procedures under anesthesia and is also non-compliant with the admonition not to drive after the procedure. He drives himself home immediately after getting Demerol IM in pre and post and anesthesia on top of it. Talking to leadership has not helped. Many of the nurses are understandably uncomfortable with the idea of administering this medication to a patient who does not endorse any pain and clearly just wants the drug because he wants it. The issues are what if this person drives in their car under the influence of anesthesia and Demerol and gets into an accident, either harming himself or another innocent person? And what kind of influence would a wealthy donor have over a nurse's job (if any)? Would a hospital back the nurse against a wealthy donor or would the nurse's job be in jeopardy? The nurses want this brought to the ethics committee, which will be done. But in the meantime, does anyone have any thoughts about this or maybe even prior experience with a situation like this?

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