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  1. Hello, I am needing advice on how to select an RN program from a different country. I am currently in Pre Nursing courses right now and took a CNA course (but did not take the test since I am moving). Originally, I was planning on staying at my college and continue to their nursing program, however, my husband is in the military and has received orders for Germany. We will be there 4 years and I do not want all of my classes to go to waste and would like to be an RN within the next couple of years. I tried asking my advisor and the head Nursing program director but they could not help me and did not know anything about other programs. I have also talked to some acquaintances and they said the University of Maryland had some out of country students taking online courses. As well as Southern New Hampshire University has an online program for Nursing and the acquaintances son received his degree and is now a working Nurse for a hospital. However, when I looked at these sites and requested info, they said the only programs are RN-BSN and are for licensed Nurses only. I am stuck on where to look and how to find a flexible program that I can do either in person in Germany or some of it online and maybe fly back for clinicals or something. Oh and I do have a degree in a completely different field. Not sure if that is relevant or could help in some way. Any advice and any one in a similar situation?? Thank you so much!

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