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  1. Bspoto192

    FSW Fall 2019

    I emailed Wendy from Charlotte campus and she said that we would have Clinicals in the Punta Gorda area.
  2. Bspoto192

    FSW Fall 2019

    I talked to Wendy at the Charlotte campus and she told me that I could have my seat at Charlotte but could be on the waitlist for lee. She said she would let me know if a spot opened up at lee for anew or traditional. I would prefer traditional but would take anyone at lee. I’m biggest concern with going to Charlotte is that I live a hour away and driving there 4 days a week would be time consuming and expensive gas wise. I live 20 min from lee, which is where I have been going since 2016. My other concern with Charlotte involves Clinicals. Would I be able to have Clinicals in the fort myers area (ex LeeHealth) or would I have to have Clinicals in Punta Gorda? If. Punta Gorda, than transportation cost increase and time as well. Also I don’t know the Punta Gorda area or it’s hospitals. I work for LeeHealth and have been to all the hospitals, so it would make Clinicals easier. Just hoping to get a spot in lee. —————————————————— Honestly the whole system of ranking campuses and program type (anew vs trad) is ridiculous. You should be accepted and then be able to chose your campus and program type. Not them. I know that the program is limited access but the student is the number one priority. It’s the students who pay for the program not them. Campus choice should be the student’s decision because of transportation and money. Program type should be the student’s choice because of different learning style preferences. Thank you for coming to my TED talk....
  3. Bspoto192

    FSW Spring 2019

    Did your friend ever find out this? I just got accepted to the fsw charlotte campus for fall 19 but live in Cape Coral. I am on the wait list for fsw lee. If I don't get into Lee, I will have to keep my acceptance at charlotte. Can I do my clinicals in the fort myers area? I already live an hour away from the charlottle campus so it would suck if i had to do my clinicals in the punta gorda area.
  4. Bspoto192

    FSW Fall 2019

    So this happened to me too. I was wondering if they will make us do clinicals in punta gorda area. I would prefer to have clinicals in the fort myers area because I live in Cape Coral.
  5. Bspoto192

    FSW Fall 2019

    My interview for Nova is in 2 weeks. How was it? How is the Kaplan test? Is nova easier to get into then fgcu?I didn't get into fgcu for fall 19. My biggest concern for nova is being able to afford it. I have a pell grant and bright futures scholarship but that won't be enough. Didn't really want to take out loans until my MSN but if I get into Nova I might Have to. I will be working at LeeHealth as a CNA soon and I know they will pay for your education. But I don't know how much they will cover . What is the cost per semester at Nova? I know that for the year it is $27,700 but what is it each semester?
  6. Bspoto192

    FSW Fall 2019

    That happened to me too. I live in Cape Coral and i got into charlotte (punta gorda) traditional. Lee was my 1st choice and Lee ANEW my 3rd. Apparently, I had charlotte as my 2nd but I don't remember even doing that because its a hour away from me ( must have clicked it on accident). I have a 3.89 GPA and a 76.7 on TEAS. I had all 9 prerequistes done with all A's and 2 B's. I don't remember my total points because I applied back in January. I accepted my seat for charlotte but I am on the wait list for Lee traditional and anew. I emailed them and they said that lee is filled up quick. So I took my seat at charlotte and will be waiting, hoping for a seat in lee. I wanted lee traditional because I have been going to lee since 2016. I reapplied for Spring at FSW hoping to get into Lee, but I am taking my seat for charlotte just incase. Don't know if it is worth it to wait for spring just for this to happen again. Was going to reapply for Spring at FGCU but agian don't know if its worth it. Might just keep charIotte if i don't get into lee, and get my ASN. Really don't want to defer more time because I am on my last year of my bright futures. Was wondering why it filled up so quickly? Do you think that everyone who didn't get into FGCU Fall applied and got in to FSW? I got declined for FGCU Fall 19, so I applied to FSW Fall 19. I have a interview for NOVA Fall 19 but they are so expensive. I want my BSN, that is why I applied to FGCU and NOVA BSN programs. I have my AA and wanted to go straight to BSN. Hate that I have to get my ASN and then get licensed to go into the BSN program at FSW. But I guess everything happens for a reason. Are you going to take charlotte campus? Congrats to everyone who got into FSW, FGCU, or Nova for Fall 2019 nursing programs!

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