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  1. New Grad Float

    I'm in my final semester (BSN) and getting ready to submit my first RN job applications in the next month. I'm still not completely sure what my passion in nursing is yet, and I was wondering if anyone would recommend strongly either for or against s...
  2. New nurse jobs in GR

    At Mercy, does anyone know specific units that do and do not hire new grads?
  3. New nurse jobs in GR

    Thanks! I am graduating with a BSN. I do want a new grad residency so that is really helpful to know.
  4. New nurse jobs in GR

    Honestly not sure yet; I'm kind of hoping I get inspired in my final semester... Most likely adults.
  5. New nurse jobs in GR

    My husband and I are thinking of moving to Grand Rapids after I graduate. Any advice on best places to work as a new nurse in GR?