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My husband and I are thinking of moving to Grand Rapids after I graduate. Any advice on best places to work as a new nurse in GR?

There are three main hospitals in GR. Depends where you are looking to work and with what population?

Honestly not sure yet; I'm kind of hoping I get inspired in my final semester... Most likely adults.

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The 3 main hospitals in the Grand Rapids area are Spectrum Health (2 hospital campuses - Butterworth and Blodgett plus a ton of rehab and skilled nursing facilities), Mercy Health, and Metro Health. I'm not sure if you are going for your ADN or BSN but currently, Spectrum Health and Metro Health are still hiring ADN grads. Metro Health will even hire you as a graduate nurse once you complete nursing school but you must take your NCLEX within 10 weeks of hire. Spectrum Health requires you to get your BSN within 4 years of hire and Metro Health requires you to get it within 5 years. Mercy Health has a tendency to only hire BSN grads unless the person worked there previously as a tech. Even then, I heard it was still pretty stiff competition. Also, it all depends on what kind of support you are looking for. Mercy Health has a 1 year nurse residency program. I'm not sure of what Spectrum Health has at the moment. Metro Health currently does not have a new grad residency program but are currently in the process of creating one. Hopefully that helps. Let me know if there's any other info that will be helpful!

Thanks! I am graduating with a BSN. I do want a new grad residency so that is really helpful to know.

At Mercy, does anyone know specific units that do and do not hire new grads?

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DO NOT work for Spectrum. I took a travel assignment there and they have an ***-backwards policy where they will not give out references for anyone who has worked in thier system. It has been a big pain for me because I needed their reference but they stated it is policy. 

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