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  1. billyherington

    College of Central Florida (CF) ADN Program Fall 2018

    It's alright, they teach you how to pass the test. 1st semester clinicals are ok but its entirely dependent on the facility and instructor. There is one instructor that everyone hates but passing the actual clinical part is easy. They make you do a lot of busy work and things that aren't beneficial in my opinion. For pharmacology study the powerpoints and study guides that they post on canvas, don't try to memorize every side effect of each drug you will just get lost and do bad on the test. Other two classes are allright, Clinical concepts is mostly focused on the book and how to actually do nursing skills.You should listen to how YOUR instructor wants them to be done since they change their mind too much and are never on the same page. Foundations of nursing is all about how to be a caring nurse and things like that. Biggest problems for me was that clinicals in first semester were useless, but that will depend on the facility as we literally were not allowed to do anything with patients. Instructors are not on the same page and each have their own ways of doing this, so just stick to whatever intructor you get and make sure you understand their expectations. Pharm is taught by an upper level instructor she is great.
  2. billyherington

    College of Central Florida (CF) ADN Program Fall 2018

    Good luck applying. I just finished my first year at CF. There is no real gpa cut off, if you are above 3.6 and got mostly A/Bs in prerequisites you are good to go. A lot of people drop the program once they enter usually about 50% as they dont expect how much time you have to devote to school.

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