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  1. Wow! Now THOSE were some serious words! Thank you for the advise and being truthful. I will be an adult about the ignorant CNAs and go on my merry way of doing my job. You are right, with time I will get faster. Thank you for your reply.
  2. I never thought of looking through my handbook! Thank you!!! I have a list of questions I need to ask that take priority without throwing the others under the bus.
  3. Hey everyone! I'm a new CNA ending my second week on the job. I will state that I am a perfectionist and beat myself up if I am not successful after my first week in anything new. The thing I have difficulty with is my time management. I work the AM shift and find myself finishing up 30 to 45 minutes after I should be off. How does one stay up on brief checks every two hours?!?!? How do you manage to find time to get a shower or two done?!?! I love the residents and love the job that I am in, but I also have some arrogant co workers who, when it comes time for me to give my report to them will always find something negative to say to me from the previous days shift. I try to give my report but this woman keeps bullying me. I know I should tell the DON, but I still am new and dont want to sound like a complainer. There is also another CNA who tells me I am not allowed to answer call lights when trays need to be passed out. I went to help a resident get off the toilet and this CNA scolded me for not being there to pass out trays. Wouldn't that be neglect? What if the resident falls? This CNA always answers call lights when passing out trays, yet caught me doing it and told me not to do that. Again, I dont want to sound like a complainer but I also don't want a resident to fall in the bathroom when they were assigned to me. How should I deal with these arrogant CNAs and how do I manage my time? I am so slow right now and have been trying to please everyone. I need some advise!!!!