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I’m working on getting into a nursing program and currently hold a BS degree in a field not related to healthcare. Served for a little in the Navy.


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  1. Helomech

    Need some guidance

    Does the army cover any of your debt with the GI bill or like. Not familiar with national guard benefits. Possible to go active duty and get some coverage and more experience? Does any of your medic experience transfer into civilian experience or credit?
  2. Helomech

    I Don't Know What to DO

    Can you get a small loan for a used vehicle or a repair to the old truck. Can you uber or take a taxi to school. Rideshare and give a few bucks for gas. You are so close to finishing and hopefully getting a great job to help you become financially stable.
  3. Helomech

    Sentara BSN program 2019

    okay I just got the email about being waitlisted. We can get a call from now til january. Congrats to all who got into the program!
  4. Helomech

    Sentara BSN program 2019

  5. Helomech

    Sentara BSN program 2019

    I have not received anything yet but my status on the student portal says 'wait list' ... not sure what this means for me!
  6. Helomech

    Sentara BSN program 2019

    I have a 3.2 gpa and 78 on my teas. It had been so long since I've taken science courses And I missed my second chance to attempt the teas bc the schedule was full. I didn't get NSU last year bc my HESI was just below what they accepted. Also I'm thinking MCI if I don't make it into sentara.
  7. Helomech

    Sentara BSN program 2019

    Following, I've applied for 2019. My gpa and teas score isn't at good as what I've seen you all have. I have a BS degree already though and just ready to do this!