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  1. Sindoriel

    How to prepare for first term of ADN?

    I'd say the only thing worth doing before nursing school is identifying your learning style and how to study effectively for yourself. I wouldn't bother studying until classes are close to beginning. If you do any reading try and practice learning how to identify important paragraphs to focus on, for example reading the first and last sentence. They'll be a lot of information assigned to read but its not all 100% required. Once school is starting look into books with practice questions, like the Saunders book mentioned. A lot of times the information used in questions will all be present in nursing text books, but when it comes to questions its structured differently than you might expect. Looking at practice questions prepares you to understand how topics might be presented on an exam. Studying by either just practice questions or just reading assigned text book chapters will never be as effective as using both to improve each other.
  2. Sindoriel

    New York NCLEX-RN

    I got the full 130 questions, but I passed. I actually wrote in some detail some of the information I was trying to look up while anxious prior to the exam based on my point of view here:
  3. Sindoriel

    New York NCLEX-RN

    I took the NCLEX-RN for NYS in Staten Island on May 1st. I got my ATT at the end of January and had scheduled for March 28th, but had multiple options throughout February and March. My first test got canceled because of covid-19 and the earliest I found at first was June 3rd. What I noticed by checking Pearson almost daily is that exam dates did open up frequently and I slowly moved my date up to May 1st. I actually could have found even closer dates but by the time I found them they would have been less than a week after rescheduling and that just seemed like an anxiety bomb. I don't know if this was helpful, but basically if your first date is super far out study to take the exam at any time and keep looking for for closer dates to snipe if you're in a rush to test.
  4. Sindoriel

    Should I push back my NCLEX-RN date?

    Sounds like you have a high chance of passing now and an even higher chance if you keep studying. I would not push the date back any further with how things are right now. You never know if you push it back if they might have another wave of canceling appointments or not.
  5. Sindoriel

    Passed NCLEX with 130

    I'm not sure if this will help calm peoples nerves or not. After my exam was cancelled in March I really dropped the ball on studying. Between being afraid of the exam getting cancelled and the massive amount of work our BSN professors were assigning when we moved to online classes for the remainder of the semester, I only did maybe 630 questions (from when I subscribed last year) on U-World and the 2 practice tests. A fair number of those were done while studying for classes in my last semester of associates as well. Almost all of my studying in April began on the 26th and I tested May 1st. I only really did the practice test ( I had done the other in March and had 19%) and got a 23% (borderline) and maybe 20-50 questions a day, followed by glancing at topics I had forgotten in my class notes 2 days before for maybe 45 mins each day. I do not recommend this and its not how I had been planning to study back in March, but some how I made it through the exam and hit 130 questions after about 2 hours and 15 mins. I thought I had failed all weekend but got the quick results today and passed. Things of note: PVT worked with the "good" pop up. Results were about 49 hours after start of exam so between start and end of exam. My school does boost something like a 96% NCLEX pass rate and I feel like my classes prepared me way more than my studying. My exit ATI exam showed me a 82% chance of passing NCLEX. I did not get to relax the day before because we were presenting in an online undergraduate research day for a BSN class the day before I had NCLEX. I do typically have test accommodations. I did not use them for NCLEX, but I did take a prescribed anxiety med Ativan 0.5mg. I live and took my exam in Staten Island, NY. Anyway good luck to everyone preparing to take the exam biggest thing for me was staying calm and taking deep breaths when over whelmed during the exam.
  6. Sindoriel

    failing due to less than .1 of a percent

    Last Spring I failed the last class needed for my associate's degree, maternity, with a 73.8%. In our program you need a C+/75%, which can be rounded up from 74.5% so I had missed by 0.7% or two questions on the final. I had felt pretty frustrated and wanted to blame it on the professor and did an entire appeals process. Doing the appeals helped me to feel like I was doing something, but ultimately my appeal was denied. I retook the class in the fall which was on half semesters. This time I needed to pass with a B/80% or be removed from the program. At the first sign of my grades being even slightly in question after the second exam I withdrew and registered for the second half of the semester. From that point on I did everything I could to bring my grades in the class up. It worked for me and I got an A- for the course, my highest nursing grade. What the entire ordeal taught me was: You can't change how other people are acting, but you can change your actions and reactions. The class went much better for myself once I took more responsibility of my actions towards it.
  7. Sindoriel

    Transgender patient and a dilemma

    I think a question to really think about is how many people get hurt when you treat people with respect and dignity by using the preferred pronouns and names of a transgender individual? And if people are getting hurt by using someone's preferred pronouns and gender, what is going on with that person that dignity causes them pain? In all honesty it should not cause anyone actual lasting pain to use a set of pronouns and a name, it can however cause damage by refusing to treat someone with dignity by using them. Your posts here are basically trying to rationalize your idea that its ok to treat people like dirt because you don't agree with their choices.
  8. Sindoriel

    Working with transgender in primary care

    There's a pretty useful website with guidelines for treatment, which also provides references on pretty much every page. Guidelines for the Primary and Gender-Affirming Care of Transgender and Gender Nonbinary People: Guidelines for the Primary and Gender-Affirming Care of Transgender and Gender Nonbinary People
  9. Sindoriel

    Transgender patient and a dilemma

    In the interest of concern for both the patient and any accusations against staff, would you have been able to send a second staff to chaperone as if it were a sensitive procedure? Also, checking with the patient if they have a preference of gender, or sending staff of both genders.
  10. Sindoriel


    Medsurg 2 was by far the hardest class I've ever taken. My grades were pretty much the same you had 66 Exam 1, 70 Exam 2, and 75 Exam 3. We also had an ATI exam we had to achieve level 2 or higher on that I managed (but it ended up not being counted due to suspected cheating). I ended up needing an 86 on the Final to pass the class. They weighted Exam 1 at 23%, Exam 2 and 3 at 25%, and the Final at 27% (To make up for the original 2% from ATI). I spent half the semester blaming our instructor for making impossible exams since half the class had similar grades as I did, but really we just weren't grasping the material. Once I stopped blaming the instructor and really got down to studying for comprehension before our 3rd exam and even more for the Final my grades showed the effort. Fortunately with the Final being a complete review of previous exams which I focused on re learning what I got wrong I managed to get exactly an 86 and overall 74.65 which my professor was allowed to round up for a C+. The semester exhausted me and I spent almost 2 months at the end only going to school and studying or watching RegisteredNurseRN on youtube. It was all worth it, and I'm glad I never gave up. With hard work you can make an improvement and make it through.

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