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  1. Newbie Cardiac Nurse

    I hope someone can reply to this because I am in the exact same boat! I start on 2/17 and I feel overwhelmed already. I could use some advice too!
  2. Banner NEW GRAD RN

    I just had my phone interview today and she said the 12 month commitment meant that you couldn't move "laterally." She said the intention is you stay put for 12 months of learning and then ideally stay on the same unit after 12 months, but it would b...
  3. HESI Exit Exam 2019

    I used Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN (Saunders Comprehensive Review for Nclex-Rn) 7th Edition. I'm sure a newer edition would be available and would work just the same as this one. I got it from amazon as well.
  4. Banner NEW GRAD RN

    I recently applied to the West Valley post and it's been pending recruiter review for about 16 days now ... So we'll see. I heard it's a process there.
  5. Fundamentals Hesi, help!

    The medication math will be simple PO med questions or how mL per dose. Nothing really complex by any means. The fundamentals section inside the Saunders NCLEX book is pretty accurate. I'd highly recommend using that to study and do tons of practice ...
  6. HESI Exit Exam 2019

    Hello! I just took my HESI exit exam last week and got a score of 1095. I only used the Saunder's NCLEX-RN book. I studied for 10 days prior to taking the exam and did every single question in the book and reviewed rationales of course. Hope that hel...
  7. Looking to get in with Dignity Health as a new grad, any tips?

    I applied and recently interviewed for the "Student Nurse Extern" at St. Joes and the women in charge of the Education Department said the goal was to transition the Externs into New Grad Hires and they do this 3 times a year. I guess they do things ...
  8. Hello! I wanted to start a forum for anyone who's applied to the Mayo Clinic Student Nurse Extern Program for summer 2019 in Phoenix Arizona. I applied for the extern in Mayo Rochester last fall and got selected as an Alternate. I'm hoping to get Pho...
  9. Mayo Nursing Externship Summer III 2019

    That would be amazing if that's the case! Waiting to find out has been exhausting.
  10. Mayo Nursing Externship Summer III 2019