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  1. newnursingstudent19

    Mercy College of Health Sciences

    I actually love it so far. I am in my first semester of the regular BSN program and have nothing but great things to say about my profs. I will say that I have heard mixed things from other people, but for me personally, I am so glad I chose to come here. I feel very welcomed and supported, especially coming from a state university where the professors did give a crap who I was. We are constantly being encouraged and helped! Good luck with your ABSN journey :)
  2. newnursingstudent19

    Nursing: What it is not

    Hello! I am in my first semester of nursing school and am currently writing my first paper for theories. It is an adaptation of Notes on Nursing in which we clarify our own definitions of what nursing is and what it is not. While writing about what nursing is not, my mind was flooded with ideas. For example, nursing is not female only, nurses are not wanna-be doctors (different wording, of course), nursing is not glorified babysitting, etc etc. I am curious what your thoughts are (as nurses) regarding what nursing is not. I love reading stuff like this and hearing peoples opinions. Thanks in advance for your thoughts! I respect all of you so much and am excited to read about what you think!
  3. newnursingstudent19

    Student Loan Question

    Thank you so much for this information!! I really appreciate it! I definitely didn't think there was any ways many employers would pay back loans. Thanks!
  4. newnursingstudent19

    Student Loan Question

    Hi everyone! It has been so nice having this site to go to with questions, you all are so helpful and kind! I have a question about student loans. For the start of my college career (I majored in something unrelated at a state school and am transferring to a nursing program), I paid out of pocket. However, my parents now are encouraging me to learn more about student loans due to the chance of a percent of my loans being repaid by a future employer etc. Unfortunately, I don't qualify for grants this year due to my parent's income. However, they still believe it would be best to pay for loans rather than pay out of pocket. I have a meeting with financial aid at my school in a few weeks but wanted to seek other advice on here due to my own anxiety about it. Is this the wrong choice? Is there even any chance of my student loans ever being repaid? If I have the opportunity to pay out of pocket, is that what you recommend? I'm sorry if any of this is unclear or if I haven't given enough information. Thanks so much in advance!
  5. newnursingstudent19

    Is it jealousy ??

    If I were to become like this after I graduate I hope one of my coworkers slaps me out of it hahaha
  6. newnursingstudent19

    BSN student hoping to go into nursing midwifery

    Thank you so so much for the advice!
  7. newnursingstudent19

    BSN student hoping to go into nursing midwifery

    Thank you so much for the reply! I really appreciate it :)
  8. newnursingstudent19

    BSN student hoping to go into nursing midwifery

    Hi! I am a BSN student with the goal of attending a nursing midwife program someday. Does anybody have any advice for me now, as an undergraduate student, to set myself apart for these programs? Should I be shadowing ARNP's in this field and documenting hours? Are there any undergraduate certifications I can get? Does anybody in this field have any advice for an undergrad student with goals like this? I am so passionate about this field and so excited to hopefully someday be apart of it. Thank you so much for any input, I really appreciate it!
  9. newnursingstudent19

    Mercy College Of Health Sciences

    Hi! I am a 20-year-old transfer student that is going to be starting at Mercy College in Des Moines this fall for my BSN. I have been doing a lot of research and there are a lot of negative reviews about the college, but all of them are from 2015 or prior. There are also some great positive reviews! However, I am starting to get really nervous, and was hoping there was somebody out there that has attended/will be attending that could give me some insight. I am a hard working and am willing to be in a tough school/face adversity but I don't want to go somewhere that is just cheating me out of my money. Does anybody have any thoughts/advice? Ugh, thanks in advance
  10. newnursingstudent19

    Mercy College of Health Sciences

    Hi! I am going to be starting my BSN at Mercy this fall and was wondering if there are any other students out there I could connect with to ask questions or just get to know! I am very excited and hope somebody sees this!