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  1. Queenofthesouth24


    So I just finished my sims. Make sure you only do what is in the orders. But you can do any and all applicable assessments and Interventions as long as they are independent interventions. Be careful about the order in which you do stuff though - pharm sims are a *** LOL
  2. Queenofthesouth24


    Is anybody else having to do VSim? I graduate in a week, I’m an excellent student and the president of the student nurses at my school and I cannot pass these Vsims on the first try (85% cutoff). Are there any tricks, or what? I’m hoping that the director of our program doesn’t keep people from graduating after 4 years of clinical, over a stupid online simulation. love y’all, and sending positive vibes and/or prayers to each and every one of you all.
  3. Queenofthesouth24

    Trying to Get along

    Hey man. About to be a new nurse, and I intern at a major VA center. I don’t date women, so have always had close relationships with women as friends so my feedback might be different. A lot of times when we are trying hard and overcompensating to win the admiration of anyone, it’s motivated in fear. Honestly, just be yourself, learn about issues that women face that men don’t, and EMPATHIZE. Male nurses can be cherished in this field, or we can sometimes face isolation by our peers, but my real feedback is to just realize that men, women, whoever...are all just humans, and relating to eachother on a human level is crucial. Showing loving kindness to our sisters in this profession fosters some deep friendships, because we honestly are fighting the same battle together. Nurses get nurses like soldiers get soldiers, and it really is an amazing thing. If you are genuinely yourself, recognize your trauma responses with regard to women, and practice self-care, you will attract allies in this field like flies to honey. Hope you’re doing well, and staying strong.
  4. Queenofthesouth24

    Epi irrigation for arthroscopy

    Hey y’all. When you make up bags of irrigation with epi, do you use a new syringe and needle every time? My instincts say yes, but I’m just learning this role and some facilities have different cultures and practices. I get being a steward of resources especially in today’s climate but anyway. Answer away! Hope you guys are staying sane amid all the ruckus
  5. Queenofthesouth24

    Any RN student clinicals cancelled because of COVID-19?

    Hi, yes. Most clinical sites in the twin cities have pulled students doing practicuum. I’m about to do 60 hours in 5 days to meet minimums, but others can’t. Just spoke to a nurse where I’m an intern and we have several rule out cases on one unit that I know of. I’m the student nurse pres and talked to the BON today and they said schools here don’t have to have a magic number of experiencial/practical learning hours but the schools are about to get real creative real quick. I’m sitting for boards in may, and my pinning and commencement that I’ve been in charge of are tentatively cancelled, so lots of changes!
  6. Queenofthesouth24

    new circulator, but want to scrub too

    Hey Guys, I am graduating nursing school, come completion of my clinical capstone (which is in the operating room as a circulator). I have accepted a job at mayo clinic as a circulator, and was a bit dismayed to learn that (as previously told) that nurses do not first assist and scrub. I learned to scrub at my first job in the operating room as a sort of multipurpose operating room technician, so I am a little sad that I won't get to scrub at all. Overall, I feel pretty confident in my choice I just need some affirmation. Do any circulators not scrub at all, and do you still like it? I have always loved the operating room, and hope to eventually swing back into the ICU world and go back to anesthesia school, but I want to spend some time in the operating room to reward myself for 4 years of slinging bedpans (totally kidding, god bless floor nurses). What is your opinion of nurses not scrubbing?
  7. Queenofthesouth24

    Student nurse in recovery

    Thanks friend. No arrests or any criminal history, just was headed towards a bad place, and now I've been sober for nearly 2.5 years, so seem to be doing well for this being my first rodeo. I try to stay humble but this has actually revealed a love for mental health, so I plan to carry that into my practice in acute care. I appreciate the advice.
  8. Queenofthesouth24

    Student nurse in recovery

    Thanks y'all. This has been incredibly helpful, and I hope this conversation helps other student nurses that might be in recovery. It's a shame that it can be such a punitive system, but it seems to be getting better, at least here in Minnesota. Hope you all are having great weeks!
  9. Queenofthesouth24

    Student nurse in recovery

    Hi all! I'm a 24 year old student nurse who got sober from alcohol and prescription amphetamines a little over 2 years ago. I started out as a biomedical sciences/research major and then switched to nursing. I was in clinicals for a year when I got sober and transferred to a nursing program in Minnesota. I ended up having to start clinicals from the beginning but am almost halfway through the new program and am wondering about what will happen when I apply for NCLEX and licensure. Will I have to self-report or will they find out (god willing, it will have been 4 years since active alcoholism). My main worry is about restrictions because I've heard that some states require you to only work day shift and have a narcotic restriction. I never diverted from patients as a nurse technician or student nurse, and my DOC was alcohol, so will I still have to deal with those restrictions? And should I start documenting meeting attendance now? So many questions but appreciate any answers

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