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Is anybody else having to do VSim? I graduate in a week, I’m an excellent student and the president of the student nurses at my school and I cannot pass these Vsims on the first try (85% cutoff). Are there any tricks, or what? I’m hoping that the director of our program doesn’t keep people from graduating after 4 years of clinical, over a stupid online simulation.

love y’all, and sending positive vibes and/or prayers to each and every one of you all.

bitter_betsy, BSN

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I have had to do plenty. Are you doing lippincott or something else? If its Lippincott - look at how you failed. Sometimes they are a little difficult - especially when you have to do one with CPR. If you have to - write down the steps you take each time (pause it to write). You can actually learn from your mistakes doing them. Now if you have to pass on the first try.... Good Luck. Sometimes it is impossible to determine how a computer is going to think. If you tell me what you are up against - I'll try to help you think critically through it and who knows - I may have done it!

I'm actually completing a Lippincott Peds one right now. If you must pass on the first try, I would encourage you to do the suggested readings first (if you have the book). If you have multiple attempts, review whatever you missed - take screenshots if you need to do so. It's usually easier once you become more familiar with the interventions/assessments available in the SIM depending on the specialty.

Always wash hands and introduce yourself. Identify patient and ask about allergies. I always start with vitals. Make sure you review the orders to give you a guide of what you need to do or what you need to look out for. Educate at some point. We were recently able to lower the "passing" score for this set of vSIMS when a majority of the class expressed difficulty in achieving 95%. If enough of you are having issues, it can't hurt to ask for multiple attempts or a lower threshold. Good Luck!

jsm1917, CNA

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Hey all!

In the same boat here. Thanks @RoundAbout33 for the tips. I definitely will do those things first. I just don't understand, do we ONLY do what is being asked in the scenario or do we do every intervention we know? For example, you took vitals and found out high BP, so give meds?

So I just finished my sims. Make sure you only do what is in the orders. But you can do any and all applicable assessments and Interventions as long as they are independent interventions. Be careful about the order in which you do stuff though - pharm sims are a *** LOL