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    FCCS Course experience?

    I’ve been an ambulatory care nurse for almost a year now, however my true passion is critical care nursing and it has been disheartening to not have experience in that with my current job. I’ve signed up to take the FCCS course in order to supplement my lack of critical care experience, and allow me to learn and feel more comfortable with topics I feel I’ve already forgotten since nursing school. Despite being a very young nurse with little experience, the director of the course told me she believes it’ll be a great talking point in future CC nurse interviews, and that as long as I study the text and pay attention in class, I’ll pass the post test. However, I’m still nervous! has anyone taken the FCCS course and know what to expect? I’m very worried about this post-test and the course itself being as I’ll probably be the most inexperienced person there. If you fail the post test, do you just not pass the course and that’s that?
  2. Hi everyone! I'm a recent new grad, and may have a good opportunity to have a job in L&D. I networked with someone who said they would be happy to pass my resume along as they are in dire need of filling some spots on their unit. As some background, I'm still trying to figure out what type of nursing I want to do, but am ultimately leaning toward a pediatric ICU setting. I enjoyed my L&D rotation but didn't ever really see it as something that I would do long term. As I'm struggling to find jobs, I don't want to pass this up (who knows, maybe i'll love it!). But in the chance that I find out it's not for me, has it been easy for anyone to transfer from L&D to other types of nursing? It seems like such a specific unit to me, and there are many different skills I feel like I won't be learning. But I also know it can be fast paced and high risk, which is great in gaining critical care skills. Has anyone had experience in starting in L&D and transferring elsewhere? And if so, do you think this may be a good place to start as a new grad who ultimately wants to work her way into an ICU? I guess I just have a fear of losing some important foundation skills that I would gain in a med-surg setting since L&D is so specific.