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  1. sama34

    RCC Nursing Fall 2019

    Hello everyone! I know Bigs & Littles will be released soon, but I wanted to offer a hand with any questions or whatever you guys have -- though I'm not sure how well I can answer it all since they've changed the curriculum with you guys! I am starting 2nd semester. MamaTiny definitely helped ease some of my concerns before school started!
  2. sama34

    RCC Spring 2019

    I feel like it's been such a fiasco getting my stuff done, lol! I'm getting my 2nd MMR today, and hopefully will be cleared to register by the weekend. Since we didn't get our IDs last week, I wonder how they are going to fit it into the bootcamp schedule? Imagine how long it would take to do the 100+ students, or however many there are of us..
  3. sama34

    RCC Spring 2019

    Hello all! I haven't seen a page for Spring 2019 hopefuls yet, so I'm creating this one. If anyone has any comments/concerns/questions please post! To start: RCC is in the early stages of developing a concurrent BSN program starting estimated Fall 2019. From what I remember at the info session, it will be about $15k and done through either CSUF or CSUSB. They are hoping to have 50% concurrent enrollment initially, and 100% later on. They are supposed to be meeting later this year (October-ish) to discuss it. I'm excited to learn more! It's definitely worth keeping up on if any of you are interested in pursuing your BSN afterwards.