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  1. futurexrn

    New Grad NP feeling Overwhelmed, Scared

    Oldmanhubbard, I'm a newbie but am looking toward np in the future so I am trying to learn all I can. I fully admit my ignorance on this! What if the extra time was in a "shadowing" capacity, where an np student is not making decisions but is there as "fly on the wall" to observe & learn...would that have legal implications? Just wondering if there is a good way for a prospective np to gain extra experience in a safe/legal way?
  2. futurexrn

    Marquette Direct Entry MSN Fall 2019

  3. futurexrn

    Marquette Direct Entry MSN Fall 2019

  4. futurexrn

    Marquette Direct Entry MSN Fall 2019

    I received my acceptance as well for PP fall. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  5. futurexrn

    Marquette Direct Entry MSN Fall 2019

    I'm waiting to hear too! Congrats hehang96!! How were you notified?
  6. futurexrn

    Passed NCLEX, Second Attempt

    Wow..thanks for the inspiration...CONGRATULATIONS!
  7. Did anyone apply to Marquette DEMSN for Fall 2019? Looking to connect with other applicants!
  8. futurexrn

    Help! Summer or Regular Semester Pre-Reqs?

    I agree with others, it depends on why you are re-taking it. If it's just that you took it awhile ago and you are refreshing, summer should be fine. If you are retaking it because you struggled with it before, I would recommend taking it during a full semester. You mentioned the drive to class in the summer. That takes time out of your week as well. I took 5-hour chemistry and A&P 1 last semester together and got A's in both. I have a job & kids so it was hectic and time-consuming, but doable. Since you already have materials from taking A&P previously, I would recommend spending time every week between now & when you re-take it (schedule time on your calendar for it) studying the terms and concepts so that you're set to go when class starts. Most teachers have office hours and love to help you if you need extra help...and definitely go to open lab times -- you will have access to all the models and a teacher there to help if you have questions. If you can, go to the open lab time that your specific teacher hosts so that he/she can see that you're putting in the effort. Best of luck to you!!