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  1. Lynn88


    I moved to Florida in April 2018 in hopes of living and I decided to switch my cna license over to florida but I decided that I want to move back to New york. Keep in mind I recieved my reciprocity for florida state in June or July of 2018. Will it be a issue if I apply again for the cna switch back to my nyc license? Im asking because its such a short time period between the reciprocity.
  2. Lynn88


    I currently have a associates in mental health and human services and I decided to change my major after years of not attending school due to the fact I became a mother to a beautiful baby girl, anyways I wanted to know what are some good books to study for nursing school entrance exam. Next question, do I have to complete my prerequisites before I take the entrance exam?
  3. Lynn88


    Very very nervous about trying out this nursing thing, I went to school in 2016 for CNA and I did pretty okay but after I got my certification I never worked and its now 2018 and Im still not working. I went to school for mental health and human services and got an associate's but I changed my mind and wanted to try nursing instead to be a RN. Can someone give me some of the steps that I can take towards getting into nursing school. Where do I stand in getting into nursing if I already have a degree in another field.