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  1. Regretting night shift

    Hello, I am a “new grad” ICU nurse on night shift. I have been at my hospital for 3 years I was a pct, LPN, then RN. I am making this post because I started my new job in September on night shift and I am highly regretting it. I truly think I want to...
  2. Wallace State Spring 2020

    We are at the Hanceville campus, we only have 2 campuses Hanceville and oneota I don’t think it’s the same school.
  3. Wallace State Spring 2020

    Not sure about that. You would have to ask someone in advising. The oldest classes that i have are 4 years old
  4. Wallace state spring 2020

    Congrats everyone!!
  5. Wallace state spring 2020

    I got in!!
  6. Wallace state spring 2020

    Someone said they got they’re letter, did either of y’all?
  7. Wallace state spring 2020

    Letters in the mail 🙌🏾😭I
  8. Wallace state spring 2020

    I applied to Bevill for this spring semester too but I didn’t get in because somehow they didn’t receive my transcripts but Wallace did. But I don’t care really because I didn’t want to go there.
  9. Wallace state spring 2020

    Yes I definitely think it’s worth the drive, the teachers seem so much more caring and helpful than what I experienced at Jeff state. I wish I would’ve just applied to Wallace from the beginning but I knew I could get in to both at the time, & je...
  10. Wallace state spring 2020

    Ohh ok, i knew it had to be something other than not enough people applying because they basically extended it a whole month. Have you applied to the program before?
  11. Wallace state spring 2020

    So is it true that they extend the deadline because they don’t have enough applicants?
  12. Wallace state spring 2020

    Yes me too! I wish they would send it by email also, cause I’m not at home all the time, & I don’t want anyone else to get to that letter before me.
  13. Wallace state spring 2020

    Ohhh I’m glad you got it up! I called them again today & they said they will be sending out the letters sometime this week. i think they’re just telling us stuff to get us off the phone😂
  14. Wallace state spring 2020

  15. Wallace state spring 2020

    But I turned the letter in before the deadline so I’m praying they accepted it. Especially since they extended the deadline