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  1. I didn’t get one, but congratulations to everyone who did. Hopefully y’all are in!
  2. OK, I see now. My email was sent to me at 12:41 am today, so I was nervous because I thought it was my letter telling me if I had an interview or not, LOL. Then I saw how wrong they had my points and missing classes. I’m adding y’all in my prayers that we all get invited. Thank y’all.
  3. I was looking for a thread and couldn’t find one, so I just thought it would be helpful to do so. This is my second year applying, so I pray I get in. Where did you find the max points? I looked but couldn’t find it.
  4. I just received the CCC email. They were missing 3 of my classes, so I had to send them the info back so it can be corrected. I should have 43.5 points, I believe.
  5. Has anyone gotten an email from Clackamas or PCC? I haven’t heard about any delays or emails for moving forward or declined.
  6. Ticael08

    Clackamas Community College

    I got my email and I only had 30 points, which is surprising to me. But all my classes on there are correct. I wonder how many points are being considered this year? I was told that everything was lowered because there are less teachers and they have to lower the number of students offered a seat because of that. I'm still holding out hope that I make it in.
  7. Ticael08

    Clackamas Community College

    Thank you.
  8. Ticael08

    Clackamas Community College

    Has anyone gotten an email for an interview at Clackamas yet? I’m on pins and needles waiting to see if I’m invited.
  9. Hi all, this is my very first time posting here. I am planning on applying to Clackamas nursing program in Clackamas, Or, this January 2019. I'm still in my 2nd half of A & P, which is my 2nd time taking it, and I'm hoping to get a B. I heard Clackamas had to lower the number of students this year because they don't have enough staff. I'm almost planning on applying to other schools around me too. Are there any others that are applying here too?

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