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  1. seej

    Aspiring Male NICU Nurse

    You guys are amazing!
  2. seej

    Makati Medical Center RNs

    Anyone working at Makati Medical Center?Can I ask what was your employment process, how long did it took and was it all worth it? What's the workplace culture like? Thank you! (Applicant)
  3. seej

    Practicality or Passion?

    If you were to choose between two hospitals, which would you choose, hospital you really want to be part of or the one with higher pay?
  4. seej

    Aspiring Male NICU Nurse

    Cool. Thanks sir!
  5. seej

    Aspiring Male NICU Nurse

    Are there Male NICU nurses here? If yes, what made you take up that specialization and what keeps you motivated for it?

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