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  1. Hilundlass

    school nurse certification

    I encourage all school nurses thinking about taking this test to "go for it". I was not convinced that my high school or District would really understand , but I'm glad to say I was wrong. All of the teachers who have National Board Certification at ...
  2. Hilundlass

    What do you wear to work

    I am the second nurse in our setting and I follow her lead. We wear bright friendly scrubs. I did 15 years of home health nursing with street clothes and white lab jacket. My jacket was like my armor! My main complaint with scrubs is that our lunch...
  3. Hilundlass

    Online MSN?

    What accreditation should I look for in the online programs? I've seen at least two from universities in my area, and then "less expensive" programs online. I'm looking to do a MSN with education as the focus. I'm curious about programs which do no...
  4. Hilundlass

    Certification review: New Book??

    I've read on the NASN site that the review book will be out June 28th and be available at the conference. Does anyone know if it is possible to reserve a copy in advance?? New Mexico is too far for me to go for a book, and I wonder if there will be...
  5. Hilundlass

    National Certification for School Nurses

    I'm signed up to take the test this summer and I have made use of my NASN membership to access all the online articles and position papers. Now I just have to stay focused and review small chunks at a time. I'm using flashcards sorted into topic ch...
  6. Hilundlass

    Teacher Referral

    Our elementary school uses a simple "healthroom slip" which the nurse requires the teacher to write a basic complaint on. The nurse writes a generic treatment on it (snack, rest, etc) and returns it by way of the student so that the teacher knows h...
  7. Hilundlass

    age for baseline cardiac cath?

    Hi everyone, Its been awhile since I worked cardiac step down, and I was wondering what your advice would be regarding my dad who had a echocardiogram at the VA about 6 months ago. It showed a previous MI (no idea where or what type) and a murm...
  8. Hilundlass

    Visits per Day

    When I sub at the elementary school of 1100 students, I see around 50 students a day not counting meds. This school has an assistant also. At the high school of 2300 students, I saw around 25 students and 5 staff members. At the middle school in pe...
  9. Hilundlass

    Ostomy care in school

    We have a child coming to school with continent stomas and a tube feeding. Thankfully, the school has agreed to hire a one on one nurse because these are stomas, not regular ostomies, which require direct cathing into the umbilicus and tube feedings...
  10. Hilundlass

    What do you wear at work...?

    I wear scrubs and a short sleeve or sleeveless white lab jacket over it. Some of the PMD teachers and also the cafeteria staff wear scrubs. I wear my little white vest/jacket to look more "nursey". Katrina
  11. Hilundlass

    How high tech should we go?

    Thanks so much for your specific information on this question. As a sub school nurse I encounter many different opinions on what each nurse deems acceptable for routine procedures and what is "parent's responsibility". For example, I accepted a car...
  12. Hilundlass

    How high tech should we go?

    I realize that some schools have one nurse per school, and some have one nurse per district. BUT>>> How high tech should the public school health room be and who sets the limits? The nurse? The District? The Parents?? Many of you are...
  13. Hilundlass

    Rectal Diastat

    Thanks for your comments. It really helps. In one school, the parent insisted that the Diastat be given at 5 minutes of ANYtype seizure and that the EMS not be called at all since she could get to the school quickly. She Also provided an oxygen ta...
  14. Hilundlass

    Rectal Diastat

    Just curious about the views on administration of Valium rectally for seizures at school. Since I am subbing at different schools and grade levels, I'm finding general consensus that this is NOT a med to be given without some guidelines. Of course...
  15. Hilundlass

    First thread New school Nurse need help

    Hi SC nurse, Welcome to school nursing. I'm guessing by now, you've been baptized by fire! I'm also in SC and am enjoying subbing for now and getting a good look at the various settings and grade levels. Bottom line, there is more than one "...