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  1. Flylik3abr1

    Pain management in nursing

    ADN student here! I was curious to know how you as a nurse approach your patients pain management in the hospital. I have seen plenty of nurses disregard their patients pain despite their medication being past due. I even had a case where a patient of mine who was unable to speak due to a head injury was screaming out in pain, very obviously so especially since his vitals on the monitor became very consistent with a natural response to pain, and the nurse I was working under said "He will be fine, he doesn't need his medicine right now". Is this considered normal? I mean I personally believe pain management is very important and I've heard all kinds of excuses about addiction and feeding into false reports of pain for drugs but that goes against what I'm learning in school so I am curious. Do you treat your patients pain as a priority nursing problem?
  2. Flylik3abr1

    Red flag?

    I am a student in my second semester of RN school and have been considering getting a tech job PRN. I applied around and haven't heard back (contrary to people telling me I'd get hired quickly as a student) from any community hospitals in my area. I saw that one of the major general hospitals in my state a couple cities over was hiring and I applied. I was caught off guard when I got a phone call from them within minutes of applying. They were accepting applications for everything from ED to CVICU to L&D and I applied to all of them. When I showed up for my interview I signed a background disclosure form and was immediately taken to medsurg to meet with the managing team for the unit. I felt a very bad vibe and the nurses looked at me with pity. They asked me basic questions about my school and what skills I have been practicing and the patient populations I have dealt with. The main unit manager seemed to have a bad attitude and didn't ask me any questions and just observed me. Everyone had the energy of "Here we go again another tech that's going to quit." I left and thought they wouldnt call me for a follow up but they just now emailed me some paperwork and attempted to call me but I was in class. I understand medsurg is hard and that doesn't deter me, just the energy from everyone on the unit really rubbed me the wrong way. Should I follow up to the email and continue with the hiring process so I can gain experience or should I trust my gut and just tell them thanks but I need to focus on school full time. I know nursing is of course a very emotionally draining and hard field to work in so I don't expect sunshine and rainbows but the looks I was being given really told Me I should think very long and hard about this. Especially since they were so quick to try to hire me.