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  1. priscue09

    Golden West ADN Spring 2021

    Did you check your coast community college email? That’s where they sent it
  2. priscue09

    Cypress College ADN Spring 2021

    Thanks for emailing them! Please let me know what they say 🙂
  3. priscue09

    Cerritos College Fall 2020

    No I didn’t. But I think the website says they would’ve sent out acceptances to the email we provided on our applications.
  4. priscue09

    Golden West ADN Spring 2021

    I just spoke to the receptionist in the nursing department today to ask a question. She said the notifications of received applications will be sent out by this Friday. It will be sent to your goldenwest email. If you don’t receive an email, feel free to inquire with them on Monday morning. Codeine, where did you get that information from???
  5. priscue09

    Golden West ADN Spring 2021

    I'm applying with 72 points :/ I hope that's somewhat competitive at least. It would be 74 points if they accept my high school transcripts late but I don't think they will.
  6. priscue09

    Nursing schools in Arizona

    Hi everyone, I have a bachelor's degree from California in biology, and have been having a very difficult time getting into any time of nursing school. ABSN programs have been out of the question since my cumulative GPA disqualified me from all of them, and so associate's programs are mostly random lottery chance. I have an opportunity to move to Arizona right now. Does anyone any one know if it is easier to get into an ABSN or ADN program in arizona compared to california? For reference my cumulative GPA is 2.6 (due to my first year doing terribly), but my last few years of classes with my important prerequisites such as Microbiology, sociology, lifespan psychology, anatomy and physiology, have a GPA of about 3.4. My TEAS exam score is an 85%. I really want to get into a program so I can start my career asap, but does anyone know if I'll have more luck in arizona?
  7. priscue09

    Long Beach City College (LBCC) ADN Fall 2020

    It's almost mid-June. Does anyone have an update of when/how they will give us acceptance/denial notifications? And does anyone know if they are accepting more/less people due to covid-19?
  8. priscue09

    Cerritos College Fall 2020

    I'm having trouble logging into my email. I can log into the my.cerritos portal but I don't see a link to the cerritos email. Where is it at? All I have is my student ID number.
  9. priscue09

    Help on getting into nursing school

    Hi thank you so much! you're so nice and helpful. I don't like in Riverside and it's like a 1 1/2 hour drive for me but maybe I can find some kind of similar program near me?
  10. priscue09

    Help on getting into nursing school

    who got a D in anatomy? i didn't lol
  11. priscue09

    Riverside City College: Fall 2018

    Hi starrynites, I can't reply to your personal message because I haven't posted enough to do send private messages. I wanted to say thank you so much for the information. I am confused though since I am looking to get my BSN. Is the program you are referring to to get your ADN?
  12. priscue09

    Help on getting into nursing school

    Oh that's interesting on how it's cheaper. But maybe I wouldn't be so lucky with tuition assistance as you had. So you just went the path of getting your ADN and then BSN? So your biology degree did not help you in any way at all?
  13. Hello. I need some advice from people who have gone through similar hardships as I am currently facing. I currently have a B.S. in developmental biology and graduated with a 2.35. Yes I know that's embarrassingly and shockingly low. It is that low because my first 1 1/2 years I was not focused in school and basically lost sight of myself and my goals. Ever since my sophomore year I have been raising my GPA little by little. I chose biology because I honestly love it and find it interesting. I believe my GPA is a testament to my overall work ethic but not a testament to the intelligence I have or am capable of having. Unfortunately the damage is done. I figured out I wanted to become a nurse my sophomore year of college and couldn't transfer to another university with a BSN program due to my low GPA. So I stayed where I was and I am glad I learned all that I did because I enjoyed the information I learned in my last few years. So now I'm in a situation where I am trying to do anything to get into an accelerated BSN program and I am so anxious about it every day. My goal is to become a nurse and then a nurse practitioner. So I am currently taking gap year and working as a medical scribe which is really awesome in teaching me medicine for the NP goal. I know the doctor I work for will give me a great recommendation letter. I am thinking I should take classes to become a Medical Assistant or Certified Nursing Assistant and work as one of those for a while to make me look better. I am not sure which one nursing schools would prefer to see? I know it's going to be hard to get to my goal but I truly believe in myself and my determination to not mess up as I have done in the past. I am willing to do almost anything to get my goal. I don't doubt my intelligence or ability to learn and work hard. I hope you all will see that I am more than those mistakes I made. My concerns or questions are if anyone else has been a similar situation? And if so, how did you surpass these obstacles? (Since most accelerated nursing schools need at least a 3.0 to be eligible) Do you have any recommendations on helping nursing schools look past my low GPA? If it helps: I live in southern CA. I currently do not have about 5 classes I need to apply for nursing school, so I plan on taking these at a community college and acing these classes. I know I will. I cannot settle for anything less than an A-. Any tips on moving forward would be helpful. Thanks for reading this long post!