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  1. What or who was your inspiration for becoming a nurse?

    Reading-first I did a book report on Clara Barton in 4th grade, then later, read all the Cherry Ames books I could get my hands on. Never knew anyone who was a nurse and my particular school nurse, I only met when I blew a cap off and needed to go ho...
  2. What rules have you broken to help a patient?

    In my day-a big no, no was to sit ona bed-godforbid a family member. Many a time I saw families hugging their loved one and closed the curtains so they would have privacy-let parents sleep beside their kids-not allowed from outside a no/no...
  3. Boycott Coors!zima Commercial

    Please boycott Zima and Coors products. Have you seen the Zima commercial which makes a nurse, a fantasy whore. Please direct irate mail to: William Weintraub, V.P. of Marketing,Coors,311 Tenth St., Golden, Co. 80401. Please ask the offending ad to b...
  4. Lice Yikes!!!!!

    also when they are back at school, bag clothes for 2 weeks in plastic bag, make sure the family takes care of the bedding. I bet more than one is sleeping in the same bed. Sometimes families shift work.We had one family I finally cut the kids hair(Pr...
  5. What Freaks You Out?

    Definitely maggots in a wound! I've seen a lot of vomit,mucous,feces,ugly rashes,terrible smells in my day-but ga gangrene and maggots beat all.
  6. Nurses over 50 &/or with health issues affecting work

    [b]:) [i][u]hi there, my story is similar-hurt my back taking care of a kid with braces, that i had to lift to catherize, and they moved me to a hs then all around the district.finally gave up when i met my principal - waterloo! retirement for me sav...
  7. Im so sad.

    Good news, i'm glad you are going for help and I also are taking a Landmark course. The seats were so uncomfortable! The message is one you have heard before, but you do let go of things and see life in a new way-some swear by it and get really invol...
  8. Im so sad.

    Hi-I just read your post.Gee 25 seems old to you, but soooo young to me at 58! Enjoy yourself, travel, get out and meet people,join activities at a Y, church, plays,social events. I have a friend who married at 29, my husbands mother married at 42. M...
  9. With so much info. regarding cutaneous anthrax, I've only seen one quick picture- looks like a large black scab, looking info.-where on internet to find good pictures? I think all nurses should know what this looks like.
  10. Nursing Superstitions!

    I didn't want to let it hang with 13 being the final post number. Going to the mental hospital as nurses in training, we always said hi to the throg under the Trogs Neck bridge in NYC,crazy-maybe.
  11. please say a prayer

    DONE!Spirit-grant health to your son. AMEN
  12. please say a prayer

    DONE!Spirit-grant health to your son. AMEN
  13. health education

    For your own good information purchase-Our Body Ourselves. SEICUS and Planned Parenthood have a wealth of information geared at teens. Every menstruation product has an address to write or e-mail for menstruation information. I've got loads more if y...
  14. No sex

    Maybe i meant 4-6 weeks because this was 34 yrs ago-see can't get the story straight even now lol! :)
  15. No sex

    I was a green student in OB. The patient was having her 5th child. I went in to her and was reading discharge information. I told her it was advisable not to have sex for 6 mos. when I meant six days because of her stitches. She laughed and said that...