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JY0125 is a BSN, RN and specializes in ER.

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  1. Mass Exodus of Staff RNs…

    The majority of my staff RN coworkers have left to go traveling. I would say that core staff is now 95% travelers. There are only 2-3 mid shift staff RNs left, and I’m also leaving in July. Night shift is staffed with only new RNS straight out of res...
  2. Hello! I haven’t seen any recent posts about the UW Harborview residency program, so I thought I’d post and start a conversation! I applied to the Peri-Op program (dream unit!) and the other program right before Christmas. I checked my status and b...
  3. Has anyone taken HIT-204 at SBCC?

    I did have basic knowledge of patho because I did my undergrad in human bio. Nonetheless, this class was challenging for because I honestly forgot everything I learned in college and it was a pretty fast class! But I thought it was worth it for the p...
  4. Has anyone taken HIT-204 at SBCC?

    Yes, I took pathophysiology with Santa Barbara City College. What do you want to know? I look the online class during summer 2017. Basically, it's an independent class. I read the book and self-taught myself the material. I think there was weekly exa...
  5. Samuel Merritt ABSN - Spring 2019

    Oh, you haven’t applied yet? Good luck! It’s been an intense program so far, but I’m relieved that I’ll be done in the fall.
  6. Samuel Merritt ABSN - Spring 2019

    I agree with WebbC1. I also struggled in patho and took pharm awhile ago in college, but it’s not affecting me now. Professors, in the SFP campus, advise us not to focus too much on patho details since we aren’t responsible for diagnosing. If you get...
  7. Samuel Merritt ABSN - Spring 2019

    I also agree with all the previous posters! As for the material, I wouldn’t say it’s any harder than pathophysiology or AP. But the format of the exams are clinical application based, which prepares students for NCLEX. If you have a good understandi...
  8. Samuel Merritt ABSN - Spring 2019

    Hiya! I’m in the program as well. We have a few moms and dads in the program with mutliple children < 6 years old. They are actually one of the top students in my cohort. They make it work and work hard for their family - it’s hard, but totally d...
  9. End of semester! How did everyone do?

    Just finished 3 classes of my ABSN program. We have 3 sets of classes per semester so ... I'm 1/3 done with my first semester! So glad it's done!
  10. Hm. I'm pretty sure you can find a developmental psych course that's offered as a single course. You should look into santa barbara city college. They have online classes that are pretty convenient to take!
  11. Hello. You should check the admission requirement page on the programs' website and see what type of GPAs they count. My ABSN program only looked at science pre-requisite and last 60 unit GPAs. Best of luck! xoxo
  12. Full-time CNA full-time student

    I agree with the previous posters. I started nursing school with plans of working every Saturday/Sunday. I'm two months into an ABSN program and ... I'm fully regretting it. I got placed into clinical rotations on the weekends so I reduced my work sc...
  13. How do you apply to multiple programs?

    You should check out NursingCAS. It is a centralized application site which makes applying to multiple programs pretty easy. Go to the website and see if the programs are listed in their directory.
  14. Accepted to BSN, but need vaccines!

    I got my flu vaccine a few weeks ago and I was fine! Maybe you can get the vaccine a few weeks prior to the start of your program to prevent getting sick during it!
  15. Low cumulative GPA. Hope for ABSN?

    Hi, first off welcome to allnurses! :) I think your stats are good! Not sure where you are located, but my ABSN program only looked at pre-req and last 60 unit GPAs. Usually programs will give you a range and as long as your within them, I think you...