UW Haborview New grad Residency Winter 2020

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I haven’t seen any recent posts about the UW Harborview residency program, so I thought I’d post and start a conversation!

I applied to the Peri-Op program (dream unit!) and the other program right before Christmas. I checked my status and both say ”forwarded to Department”.

Has anyone heard back from UW?

Also, has anyone gone through any of the programs? If so, how was it?




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Hi! I applied to the Harborview residency program back in late Feb, hadn't heard anything back. Considering the current health climate I wanted to wait, but I'm graduating soon so I emailed a nurse recruiter last week and it sounds like they give priority to their "nurse techs" bc they're "graduating", first and then she said if managers from other units wanted to hire non-HMC employees, she would submit my resume. Did you ever hear back? How was your process?


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Hey! Did you ever hear back? I just applied for the next periop cohort and mine said forwarded to department, and its said that for a couple weeks now...

If you interviewed, can ya give me some insight on what they asked and how the interview went?