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  1. 2022 Air Force Nurse Board

    Hello, My husband submitted his packet to the boards late August, and I was curious to know if anyone has heard from the AF yet? Or if anyone knows how many slots are available for flight nurses, critical care or clinical nurses this go around?...
  2. UCF Fall 2018 - Concurrent

    I haven't heard back yet!
  3. UCF Fall 2018 - Concurrent

    I was told by a person at the UCF nusing department that there was 76 slots for the SSC campus and 40 for the Valencia - has anyone else heard differently?
  4. UCF Fall 2018 - Concurrent

    My status is currently under review as well! Best of luck to all of you!! Stats were sooo competitive for this application season. In reference to your comment about Stats being competitive....Did they change the application for this semester? I ask ...
  5. UCF Fall 2018 - Concurrent

    Just wondering if anyone one has heard anything regarding the programs. My application still stay pending review for my pre-requ.
  6. UCF Fall 2018 - Concurrent

    hello! I applied to both SSC and Valencia Concurrent and UNF for fall of 2018 and am wondering how competitive my scores are in the pool My overall GPA is 3.2 (switched majors which has hurt me) My Pre-reqs is 3.75 and my TEAS 79.3 I was told that un...