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  1. jessaaro


    Hi Mar Blue, There is very less info here about PNP. Iam in the same boat wondering the value of the education in PNP, and job availability. Iam trying to get admission to drexel university. How is your admission going on. Thanks
  2. jessaaro


    Hi Everyone, Probably the same question asked many times. I am interested in doing post masters in FNP or PNP or acute care PNP . Just cannot decide what is the market like . Which course is more beneficial. Having 15 years experience in PICU. What are the best university to approach keeping in mind I am from Florida. Also if any one knows online colleges will be better choice. As i am working full time. Thanks
  3. jessaaro

    Recommendation for school

    Thanks traumaRUs, I have checked online on WES it does says equivalent to US MS degree.
  4. jessaaro

    Recommendation for school

    Hi Everyone I wanted to get a opinion on (Pediatric Primary Care and Pediatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (Dual Option if possible) )Post-Master's Certificate program. I already hold Masters in clinical practice and nurse educator from Ireland. Going to start soon in Florida on job assignment as a PICU nurse. What would be the good online university to pursue the course. Also will this benefit in future regarding job, like i have read market is getting saturated. Lastly what is the approx fees we should keep in mind to do. thanks
  5. jessaaro

    West Boca Medical Center

    Hi everyone, Just wondering, how is to work with West Boca Medical Center , and roughly pay for RN in peds with 10 years of experience. Also if any one know, what is the living cost in that area. thanks
  6. jessaaro

    how is job market

    Hi Everyone, Is it hard to find job in peads / ICU peds. Iam an international nurse with 12-13 years experience in peads icu with ECMO. Have all dates current, just waiting to find job and schedule interview with embassy. Why iam asking is my agency are saying that ped's jobs are nill for last 8 months? Thanks Regards
  7. jessaaro

    Register with nursing bords

    Hi everyone, Iam a international nurse, curently in Ireland, but did schooling in India. My priority dates are current from last year, just wondering how can i register with California board of nursing. I have CGFNS and NCLEX already cleared. I was once registered with Vermont board, which is lapsed now. Any guidance will be helpfull thanks Regards Jessa
  8. jessaaro

    Issue with recruitment

    Hi I joined an agency good few years back. Now for past 11 months my dates are current. So bit about my profile Studied in INDIA, worked in india in PICU for 4 years. Then immigrated to Ireland so for last 12 years, working in PICU with ECMO. Also Iam registered Msc tutor here. So my agency is saying they are unable tp find any job in Peds , stating they are very hard to come by. So is it really that hard to find a job in peds. Secondly my agency informed me i cannot qualify for California, as i have less credits in English, which i didn't get. As lots of my friends from same college are working in California. So how can i see which states i am not qualified. I have 8 in Ielts also. Any one know good agency to switch over, or any web sites that tells which agency has higher ratings. Just getting discouraged by the recruitment process, as it seems agency has no interest in me at all. Thanks for reading lengthy rant
  9. Hi Everyone, Would like to request for information about moving Cape fear medical center . I have to make mind about PICU in the hospital. So I have 15 years+ experience in PICU with 6 years in ECMO. It would be my first job in USA. So questions are. how is the work place. patient to nurse ratio. Average payscale and if and overtimes. Living expenses in the area. Any info will be great help to make decision. Thanks
  10. jessaaro

    Valid degree?

    Sorry ELKPARK i Didn't made my self clear in start. I have 4 years nursing degree from India. I did these courses in Ireland from College . I have already cleared my NCLEX in USA 10 years ago with Vermont board. Iam in process of refilling due to retrogression. So the question is will they be valid to pursue further education. I also got Children nursing post degree from Ireland . I hope this make little bit clear. Thanks Again
  11. jessaaro

    Valid degree?

    Hi I Am a nurse from Ireland, we planning to move to USA soon may be in 6 month time. I have a MSc degree in clinical practice and Registered nurse tutor degree as well from one of the big college in Ireland. Just are these degree valid in USA as well. The reason why Iam asking is, i want to pursue the Nurse practitioner course in USA and as a career as well. SO if it is valid how should i proceed. I have approx 15 years experience in PICU . Thanks JA

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