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  1. Any cnas around to chat?

    Hi I'm Britney a CNA in Pennsylvania. I have been a CNA for about 5 years now.
  2. LPN LINCOLN TECH PARAMUS?? Any thoughts??

    I'm going to the one in Allentown. So far it seems good. I am not going to more schooling after this. I'm too tired of school.
  3. Study Group for LPN?

    Sure. I'm just starting but we can definitely talk.
  4. Prism Institute

    has anyone went to prism institute in philadelphia, PA? Is it a good school? How do I know?
  5. New Nurse

    I am currently a pre-nursing student in an ADN program. I will be starting the LPN program from Falcon Institute in January and I want to know if any of you have attended this program?
  6. Rebuilding your grades

    So when i first started college i didn 't do too well in those introductory courses like math, developmental psychology and some others. So right now as I am getting serious to want to go into nursing school i am retaking some of those which i didn't...