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  1. Hopeful_NP

    GMU Accelerated BSN Fall 2019

    Glad to finally see Allnurses is up and running again. I couldn't log in or reply for a few weeks. I submitted my application and now the wait begins. I hope to hear from other applicants so please share your experience and/or questions in this thread and let's create a facebook group for applicants of 2019 accelerated BSN at GMU. Cheers.
  2. Hopeful_NP

    GMU Accelerated BSN Fall 2019

    Hello Everyone, I didn't see any threads for the GMU's ABSN 2019 cohort and wanted to start one. Please feel free to share your experience, journey, stats, issues, questions, and hopefully acceptance. The GMU's website now says the BSN application is finally open, but I'm still unable to create an account to start my application. They have been experiencing some technical difficulties with their website. Very frustrating, but I'm both hopeful and excited about applying. Best of luck to everyone applying.