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  1. lleti

    UF accelerated BSN Summer 2019

    if you don't mind my asking, what did you ask and what did he say? also, when do applications open?
  2. lleti

    UF accelerated BSN Summer 2019

    hi! thanks for making this post! i just read the summer 2018 posts and it was so nerve racking! lol i am now getting my s*** together and finding the courage to finally apply to nursing school. i have so many questions and whether i even have a chance of getting in. i'd love some feedback from current or past students or anyone that can offer some advice. Undergrad cum. GPA: 2.96 last 60 credits GPA: 3.38 Pre-req GPA: 3.42 or 3.71 if repeated courses are not counted. Volunteer at hospital for 6 months currently. more by the time applications open currently have experience in medical curriculum since i work at a medical school and can get stellar rec. letters from professionals. Do i have hope to even get wait-listed?