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  1. escalantemaria

    UMSON CRNA program, starting summer 2019

    I got an interview yesterday as well. By the way there is another post for umson's crna program. Here is the link https://allnurses.com/student-registered-nurse/umd-crna-2019-a-1122441.html i keep forgetting my password but escalantemaria and me1988 are the same person. LOL...not that u care hahahaaha..its time to get ready for interviews
  2. escalantemaria

    UMSON CRNA program, starting summer 2019

    wow! you have 5yrs of experience...awesome!! you have big chances of getting in. I on the other hand, have 1 yr of experience in the MSICU (level 1 trauma center) (more than 2yrs by the time we start the program..LOL). I have my CCRN, my GPA is 3.7 and I have ACLS and PALS. when I attended to the in person info session, Dr. Pellegrini encouraged those with 1year of experience to apply so I did it!!! I'm crossing my fingers now. thanks for posting! good luck to us!

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