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hello, I'm new to this site and I'm starting this new thread for anyone who is/will be applying to the University of Maryland Baltimore's CRNA program. I completed my application yesterday and from this point forward, it's all about waiting to hear from them. Has anyone heard anything about their interview process? I had a co-worker who was accepted to the program for 2018 and she said the questions were not clinical. Nothing like dopamine receptors or hemodynamics like I've hard from other places.

Hello, thanks for starting this thread. I will be applying this year as well. What are your stat if you do not mind sharing? I have five years ICU, CCRN.

wow! you have 5yrs of experience...awesome!! you have big chances of getting in. I on the other hand, have 1 yr of experience in the MSICU (level 1 trauma center) (more than 2yrs by the time we start the program..LOL). I have my CCRN, my GPA is 3.7 and I have ACLS and PALS. when I attended to the in person info session, Dr. Pellegrini encouraged those with 1year of experience to apply so I did it!!! I'm crossing my fingers now.

thanks for posting! good luck to us!

I'm applying too! Just waiting on a final reference. Good Luck everyone!

I applied as well! Just send in my last transcript. Good luck guys!!

I have applied. GPA 3.6, CCRN, TNCC, ACLS/PALS, 8 yrs as a nurse...3 yrs ICU & 6 mths on code team. From what I've heard interviews notifications are sent out the end of Sept into Oct.

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Can you post link please

Got an email for an interview yesterday! Yay! You guys should check your email.

Recieved an email yesterday as well for an interview!! So excited!!!

So do any of you know how many people total get interviewed for this program?? Just trying to figure out my chances of getting in lol

I got an interview yesterday as well. By the way there is another post for umson's crna program. Here is the link

i keep forgetting my password but escalantemaria and me1988 are the same person. LOL...not that u care hahahaaha..its time to get ready for interviews

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