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  1. I've gotten accepted into the TCAT Practical Nursing Program in Pulaski, Tennessee. YAYY ME! Is anyone in here going as well? Does anyone have any information on what to expect? What are the classes like? I know the teach one subject at a time. Any information helps, THANK YOU
  2. VidaGee8

    Moving to Alabama

    You might like the Harvest or Toney area, especially if you have children. Madison County is the second best school system in the state. There's A LOT, A LOT of former big city folks that live out there. They love it. It definitely has that small town feel you're looking for and it's convenient to Huntsville & Tennessee. There's a lot of new construction sub-divisions popping up. There's Athens, AL but there's NOTHING out there you'd have to commute to Huntsville or Decatur for everything such as shopping and entertainment. They are building a new surgical center out there. Hazel Green, New Market, & Merdianville- I don't know a lot about those areas but I had friend who bought a BRAND NEW, New Construction home on a CNA salary out there. I like riding through there on my way to Tennessee.
  3. VidaGee8

    Moving to Alabama

    First of all, I'm glad you're interested in my home. I really feel North Alabama is a hidden gem in many ways. The cost of living is nice, the earning potential is right, the real estate market is peaking, we have many new major companies coming to the area, etc., I'm a CNA and in nursing school so i'll tell you what I heard from my LPN friends. Anyways, to what you were asking... LIVING: Your pay is about the same as what you'd be making down here, but the cost of living is a little lower. Most people live outside of Huntsville and commute in such as myself. I commute about 35 mins. Madison, AL is the second wealthest area in the State. It's beautiful a lot of nice homes in the 150,00+++ range (that's expensive for us). Most people that move here from bigger cities like the Toney/Harvest, AL area. If you have kids, are older, want some land, or just want some scenery that's the place to settle. It's grown ALOT so housing cost is going to go up soon. Huntsville, AL the apartment living is nice. They are building lots of new ones all the time. You'll be convienent to everything. If you want a house I'd look at anywhere on South Memorial Parkway. Decatur, AL. I like Decatur. It's pretty town on the Tennessee River. The facilities don't pay much but it's cheeap, cheeap living and a good commute to Huntsville. WORK: Huntsville Hospital is the popular girls table. The main facility doesn't hire LPN's but LPN's pretty much run ALL the clinics and outpatients. Encompass Health (formerly Healthsouth) hire's LPN only to work day shift 6:15a-7p. I would work here if I was an LPN. Madison Manor- I use to work there. I HATED IT! They were extremely RACIST. A new grad LPN gets $19.50, i don't know about someone experienced. Valley View- I think a new grad starting the pay is 19.90. The faciltiy is nice but there turn over rate is HIGH. That's the most I know as far as work.
  4. VidaGee8

    Moving to Alabama

    Are you still needing information? I'm a North Alabama native, ask me anything.

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