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  1. Hey everyone, I created a Facebook group called National University BSN Cohort 56 so that way we have a place to interact, ask questions, etc. :)
  2. See my above post for tips. I forgot to hit "Quote" when I responded lol oops
  3. Thank you so much! I didn't feel super confident about the essay, I was typing until the last second. Lol. But to prepare I made two appointments with the writing center to get tips from them (I recommend Nancy) and what they said was to be concise, have good grammar, and show them what makes you different and unique from everyone else. I used my background in the Navy as well as my multicultural background, being bilingual, and other things like that to answer the prompt. I wrote an essay at home before hand, so no matter what prompt you get you can still use things from the essay you've already prepared. Hope that helps!
  4. I was just thinking about creating the Facebook group! I can do it if you guys want (:
  5. I got accepted!! So sorry to everyone who didn't get it, don't give up!!! I called Elizabeth to get my scores and she told me my GPA was 3.653, I got an 87.3 on the TEAS and a 5/5 on the essay for a total of 91.45 points. (:

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