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  1. I've been in nursing school 6 weeks. I'm doing well academically (I've only had anatomy and med term so far though) but I'm struggling with a clique that formed within the first week. I'm the oldest in the class. I'm overweight. I'm a little socially awkward. But I do my best to be kind, supportive and understanding. The first day, I tried to be friendly to the person who was assigned the seat next to me. She gave me a dirty look and didn't speak. All I did was smile and say hi. I decided she was probably having a bad day. But she stayed the same. She's picked her 2 friends and looks down at everyone else. She's super sweet to the teacher, but disrespects her behind her back. She's neutral to the other students' faces, but makes snide remarks under her breath. During our first projects (paper, oral report and poster or power point) her friend asked me a complicated question about something generally related to my topic, but not specifically required for me to research, and they looked at each other and smiled when I didn't know the answer. The second project, I was able to answer their questions, because I deeply researched above and beyond what I needed to know. But she asked everyone questions in a mocking way, imitating their different inflections. In my case, I don't do well with public speaking, so I say "um" a lot, so when she asked me a question she said um several times and paused a lot between words. Then she looked at her friend and winked. I want to request that I not be seated next to her in the next set of classes, in case the next teacher assigns seating alphabetically. I just don't want to listen to her negativity anymore. She already harassed one student to the point that that student quit. I don't want to start anything at school by talking to anyone there. I don't want to be that girl. I just want to be left alone! I don't want somebody looking over my shoulder mocking me. I'm already a nervous wreck! I've made a few buddies there. And each of them has commented that i'm nice. So I don't think it's anything i've done to this girl or her friends. I feel like i'm in middle school again. Or they're filming a sequel to "Mean Girls" and forgot to tell me. I'm an adult and i'm going to act like one. I don't react to her. But I was hoping someone might have some advice as to how to handle this situation. Something beyond just ignoring her. Thank you for your time and your help!