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  1. bdesira

    UTMB Spring 2020

    I'm almost finished with my application and I'm super excited and nervous. The deadline isn't until April 30 and I want to stay on top of my game. I have 4 prereq classes left - nutrition, chemistry, elective science, and an elective. My stats Teas - 82% overall (not sure about individual scores) Science GPA - 3.0 Cumulative GPA - 3.4 Prereq GPA - somewhere around 3.5 I'm currently taking microbiology and sociology, and I will be starting my nutrition class sometime this semester; everything else I will do in the fall semester or in the summer. UTMB is one of my top choices, I will also be applying to UT Health San Antonio if I don't get into UTMB. I'm only 20 years old so, I don't have ANY health care experience, only my BLS certification that I got in my senior year of high school (which also expires this April).
  2. bdesira

    How did you study for the TEAs?

    I have my TEAs exam coming up in 9 days. Any advice and tips so I can pass the FIRST time?
  3. Im currently a pre-nursing student and Ive being going back and forth countless times between studying radiation therapy and nursing since I was in high school. Im doing fairly well with my prerequisites and have no worries about getting accepted into a program. Im not necessarily worried about how i'll do in nursing school, but actually working as a nurse is whats freaking me out and after some thinking, im starting to doubt my future as a nurse. Im super forgetful and even worse.... i dont work well in stressful situations. Im just scared that the day Im on my own in the nursing field that I'll end up killing a patient. Im at that point where Im thinking of changing my major. Should I just stick with radiation therapy? Is it normal to feel like this? Any advice or words of encouragement?