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  1. Shadow DOT NP

    Hi, I recently completed a DOT certification course. I would like to shadow an NP who does DOT physicals in Atlanta, GA. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  2. DEA and doing locum tenens

    Thanks for the feedback.
  3. DEA and doing locum tenens

    Thank you for the info. Did the companies switch you back and forth?
  4. DEA and doing locum tenens

    How does this affect working locums? Do I have to keep moving my license to different providers/addresses?
  5. DEA and doing locum tenens

    Hi, I am a family nurse practitioner and I only work locum tenens. I want to apply for a DEA in Georgia, but was told I have to have a delegating physician. Is this true? Anyone else do locums work and have a DEA? How did you get it? Thanks. Michele.
  6. What nursing specialty has the best work life balance?

    I am a nurse practitioner and do locum tenens only, which gives me the freedom to schedule work around the rest of my life. I think you can do that as a nurse too doing travel nursing, even in your own city. Only downside is if there is a dry period ...
  7. Camper to Nurse ratio?

    thank you.
  8. Camper to Nurse ratio?

    Two nurses, or one nurse and one UAP Like the dead sea?
  9. Camper to Nurse ratio?

    Thanks for the advice.
  10. Camper to Nurse ratio?

    The camp I worked at two years ago is planning on 200 campers for this summer. Right now they have 160 signed up for this summer - a three week camp. I had one helper two years ago, and they have only hired one for this year. Is that reasonable, or s...