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RadEllie ADN, RN

Progressive Care Unit/Telemetry
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RadEllie is a ADN, RN and specializes in Progressive Care Unit/Telemetry.

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    Took TEAS...

    I didn't see this! Hope i'm not too late to answer! I don't remember there being very many questions on diseases. Mostly general anatomy knowledge like "what is the sperm maturation site?" or "which organ does not belong to the digestive system?" The closest thing to asking about disease was something like "Multiple sclerosis affects the nervous system by attacking the myelin sheath. What symptoms would this produce?" In which case if you understand what the myelin sheath does in general, you should be able to deduce the answer from the multiple choice options.
  2. RadEllie

    Took TEAS...

    So, I took my TEAS today. Ranking is in June. I didn't study much other than a quick math review and scored an 82.7. Program minimum is a 60% score, and then ranking is competitive (60% based on your GPA and 40% based on TEAS scores). I have a 4.0 GPA, should I put in some study time and retake the TEAS? I was, perhaps unrealistically, hoping to score somewhere in the 90s in my first go.