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  1. TheEternalOptimist

    Nebulisers whilst on NIV for COVUD-19

    The British Thoracic Society have updated guidelines for the NIV filter placement location during COVID-19, but does anyone know where the t-piece for the nebulisers should now go?? See attached general image from BTS
  2. TheEternalOptimist

    Prayers for COVID patients?

    We are increasingly seeing patients coming in with COVID and due to isolation and lockdowns many of these patients will not be with their families when they die. Does anyone have any poems or non religious/generic for the sick and dying patients that could be of comfort? We are anticipating huge losses, and we all need some spiritual support
  3. TheEternalOptimist

    Long hair at the bedside

    And for us. No false nails or varnish, no 'non black non leather footwear' and hair must be above shoulder line / neckline. We have frequent visits my management re: this aspect and of uniform rules.
  4. TheEternalOptimist

    Investigating Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

    Interesting. I looked after someone who'd 'self diagnosed' as having this syndrome a few years ago in the UK. I initially thought it was a 'Post Kate middleton' made up syndrome until I heard that the patient spent weeks in a bath trying to resolve her symptoms. Great to read international comments
  5. A farmer I was treating posed this question the other day, whilst I was giving him IM Tetanus Ig into the deltoid of his his non injured limb. He questioned why I was using the non injured side, as traditionally in farming he had been taught to inject vaccines etc etc into the injured side. My rationale explanation was around the circulatory compromise due to swelling and localised inflammatory response on the injured side that could cause inadequate perfusion of the vaccine. Is my rationale wrong? Discussion please from fellow nurses!!