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  1. jkimbrough2015

    Straigherline Chemistry Course

    Hi All. I am submitting my application for the ABSN program at South College in Nashville, TN, to start clinicals in January. I am currently taking Pathophysiology and just have Chemistry and the lab to take, which I am planning to do through Straighterline. I am terrible at Chemistry, but I need to have this class done before mid-December. Is there anyone else that was able to quickly get this class taken? Also, what are some good tips on successfully passing this course with nothing less than a C. Thanks in advance!
  2. jkimbrough2015

    Cumberland University 2017

    Hi AB051982! When it came to receiving your email, how long after your file being submitted to the committee did they let you know their decision? Also, did the email come to your personal mailbox or your school address? Thanks!
  3. jkimbrough2015

    Cumberland University Nursing School Info

    Hi SouthernPsy. I hope you get this message. I know you mentioned that you were in the nights/weekend program at Cumberland. Overall how was the program? Was it a good experience or would you recommend someone else? I am scheduled to take the Kaplan exam next Monday and applying for the Fall. I have pretty much all prerequisites done, just taking Micro and Intro to Chem this summer at a community college and then I'll be done. Please, any advise will be nice. Thanks!