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  1. NurseSAP

    Augusta 2021 CRNA

    Had they already sent out invites to interview March 27th and then cancelled or had they not even sent out invites yet?
  2. NurseSAP

    Augusta 2021 CRNA

    I submitted my application in January and I’m still waiting. I’m wondering if the shutting down of the school For COVID-19 will affect the interviews?
  3. Who out there is applying to UNF for their 2021 CRNA program? I just submitted my application, I was waitlisted last year
  4. NurseSAP

    Augusta 2021 CRNA

    Congrats to those who have interviews! For those of you who got emails last Thursday, when did you submit your application? I am waiting to hear back!
  5. NurseSAP

    UNF CRNA 2020

    Did everyone get an email this morning about the waitlist?
  6. NurseSAP

    Augusta University 2020 CRNA Applicants

    Does anyone know if they called all accepted as well as those waitlisted or is it still possible to be on the waitlist?
  7. NurseSAP

    UNF CRNA 2020

    Thank you for this information! It is a current post; I am set to interview in less than 2 weeks. I have interviewed at a couple of other schools, and that sounds similar to their interview processes. I am a bit nervous about clinical questions, but hopefully it will not be too stressful. Thanks for the information, look forward to meeting you and other students next week.
  8. NurseSAP

    University of North Florida 2020

    I'm interviewing May 10th in the morning. Not sure what to expect/ how competitive this program is.
  9. NurseSAP

    UNF CRNA 2020

    Has anyone applied to The University of North Florida CRNA program for Spring 2020? Anyone know anything about the interview process? Are there clinical questions? 4 hours seems like a long time for an interview.

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