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  1. trshad1

    New Ortho Nurse Tips

    Hi! I recently just accepted a position on the orthopedic floor. This was not my first choice but was open to anything due to learning new areas. What should I expect as being an ortho nurse? What meds are typically given? What are some things I should read on? Whats a day to day going to be like?? Thank you in advanced!!
  2. trshad1

    Nursing Shoes--- Nurse Mates?

    I am planning to order nurse mates shoes, but some reviews say to get a size down... Did you guys have to size down? What are your opinions? Thank you!
  3. @MPRN2020 Ah okay, thanks lol. I'm so nervous about my application, I've been stalking web advisor everyday.
  4. Hi guys! Quick question... I recently submitted my application last Thursday and I was wondering how long it took for everyone for it to show up under "my documents" on webadvisor? I have this fear that my application will somehow get lost, bc it would be just my luck lol.