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New Ortho Nurse Tips

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I recently just accepted a position on the orthopedic floor. This was not my first choice but was open to anything due to learning new areas.

What should I expect as being an ortho nurse? What meds are typically given? What are some things I should read on? Whats a day to day going to be like??

Thank you in advanced!!

Hoosier_RN, MSN

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pain relief techniques, pain medications, wound care (incisions), appropriately transferring the patient, movement, etc

mmc51264, ADN, BSN, MSN, RN

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Don't be a "pain med judger" I work with some nurses who don't believe pt's pain. It's real. I have chronic pain and multiple ortho injuries/sx. Part of the reason I am an ortho nurse.

Understanding PT/OT things is helpful, especially reinforcing what PT/OT has taught them.

Good body mechanics to save your own body is important!!

I love ortho!! I find it great because many people are not really "sick" they have an injury. Very few pass away, and their stays are no very long.


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Thanks for asking this question! I am a new grad RN and will be starting on an Otho unit 8/24 and am super curious also. My unit at the moment is converted to covid but I’ll be somewhat training in both ... but I think I’ll have more covid patients vs ortho right now 😬 . Wish me luck!